Ability Description
Biokinetic Alteration Lionel has the ability to manipulate organic matter via touch to varying effects, ranging to physical mutation, healing of ailments and injuries, regeneration/regrowth of lost limbs, altering the minds of others and himself, and the switching of genders from male or female and vice versa with effort. He is able to use these powers on himself as well, which allow him to temporarily cure himself or mental illness.
Biological Intuition An unknown aspect to his powers enables him to empathically guide his physician's hand in just about any type of physical, medical, or genetic area of expertise. Among other things, he can see and feel the potential hidden within the building blocks of out DNA to bring about latent superhuman talents which lie dormant within it, be they X-gene or otherwise Lionel can tap it bringing said aspects to the surface. He can also detect any form of physical or mental ailments within a person with a glance and near perfectly identify what it is and correct it. When it comes right down to it he is also a capable surgeon even without his mutant powers being capable of knowing what ailments his patients are suffering under and how best to treat them.
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