Ability Description
Subatomic Manipulation

Alexei has the ability to manipulate matter and energy on a subatomic level.

  • Ability Augmentation: Alexei is able to enhance the abilities of other mutants.
  • Ability Negation: Alexei is able to temporarily cause the abilities of others to not work properly or at all.
  • Creation: With great concentration, Alexei can create smaller and lesser organisms.
  • Energy Generation: Alexei is able to generate heat, force, fire, electricity, and nuclear energy.
  • Energy Manipulation: Alexei can manipulate all forms of energy in various ways.
  • Evolution: Alexei is able to evolved smaller and lesser organisms.
  • Force Field Generation: Alexei is able to generate protective shields that can protect anyone or anything inside from physical damage or harm.
  • Healing: Alexei is able to speed up his body's regeneration ability. He can also use this ability on others.
  • Molecule Scrambling: Alexei can scramble the molecules of organic beings causing intense pain or even death.
  • Phasing: Alexei is able to pass this body through physical matter.
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